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One Client's Transformation

When I was at school I was always the last to be picked for football. And Volleyball. And Hockey. And Rugby. I once came 179th out of 180 boys in cross country (mostly because I walked the whole way). I was never sporty , I hated team sports and I never tried - most of my football games were spent standing near the goalie flicking mud at people. I was the least athletic person and was very skinny. After months of bullying I decided to start Tae Kwon Do and really too to it, this sparked a lifelong interest in Martial Arts. I later spent 3 years practising Ninpo Taijitsu and then 10 years practising Aikido, were I was awarded 1st and then 2nd Dan Black Belt and instructor status. In between I joined gyms and trained with a group of friends for a few years.

Eventually injuries forced me to retire from Aikido but my desire to stay fit never waned. I ran once or twice a week and eventually joined a gym again. I trained religiously 3 times a week for several years, focusing on strength rather than size. The problem I found is that my strength seemed to have a natural limit and it was very hard to push through without excerbating my old injuries. I'd start to beat my PBs, get injured again, the weight would have to drop, and then I'd start all over again, which I found frustrating.

During lockdown I had to stop going to the gym and started training at home. I heard Limara was doing online classes from my sister-in-law and decided to join one. I was soon hooked and joined in every class I could. Online training was much more fun than training on your own and Limara's knowledge of exercises seemed encyclopaedic. Despite my years of gym training there was much that was a challenge, I could barely hold a plank for 30 seconds! My core wasn't strong at all and this was what caught my attention - the fact that with a few pieces of basic equipment I could get fitter, stronger, and more flexible because of the variety of different classes. It's now been 10 months and I've lost around 10lbs in weight, my core is now strong and I'm gaining flexibility. I'm about to turn 49 and I've never been fitter in my life.

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