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Why train as part of a group?

In this week’s blog we’re going to explore the benefits behind group training. What are the benefits over training on your own? How does it effect motivation and does it help you stick with it in the long term?

Image : Group Training In Bristol, at a Bootcamp run by Limara Brailsford

There are lots of reasons to start training and almost as many to start training as part of a group. Starting anything new is challenging, especially if it’s something you feel you NEED to do , rather than WANT to do, but training with a group of like-minded people has been shown by studies to increase your chances of maintaining your new regime, boost your mood and reduces stress levels*

If you’re training as part of a group, you’ll usually be training at a fixed time each week and having a set time will hold you accountable for showing up! Having a schedule, set time and specific workout in your diary will help you organise around it and make it happen. It also makes it harder for the excuses to creep in!

Even with our busy lifestyles and restrictions through lockdown; we still like and need to find time to socialise; training in a group online can satisfy your social cravings and human interaction which has dwindled over the years due to email and texting and on top of that the restrictions through this difficult period of isolation.

Being part of a group and adding that sense of camaraderie brings more fulfilment in what you are working at. For instance One study found that 95 percent of those who began a diet regime with friends completed the program, compared to a 76 percent for those who tackled the program alone. The friend group was also 42 percent more likely to maintain their weight loss after the program had ended.

Working out in a group or class environment can have a big impact on a persons motivation during that workout. By working alongside others it can encourage you to work at a higher work rate or do the same number of reps as the more experienced or fitter participants and also not stopping or giving up quite as easily.

When a workout or specific exercise has been completed or a new personal best has been achieved, celebrating those wins no matter how big or small has a big impact on motivation and feelings of well-being. An individuals’ success solidifies the groups’ successes and naturally a group see themselves as one. This can be very comforting to participants especially when they may have lacked confidence in their abilities.

Finally, research shows that we are subconsciously drawn to the positive behaviours of people around us. Two separate studies (one published in the Journal of Social Sciences and one in the Journal Obesity*) showed that spending time with people who are fit will help you to stay healthy.

If you’d like to join our group or just want further information , please Contact me.

Links to Supporting Studies

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